Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Today's lessons:
  1. Erasing pencil lines really does make art look better.
  2. I was right on my first choice of fonts for the lettering.
  3. These people have to become characters. I'm already thinking about that.
I think I got the size right for the lettering this time. Final decision on fonts remains to be seen.

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Chris was born at an early in age in a small, modest, humble, inner-city hospital maternity wing. After a couple of years spent laying about and not being a productive member of society, Chris was enrolled, against his will, first in Primary School followed closely by Secondary School.
After deciding that Tertiary education was only good for introducing one to the Wonders Of The Intarwebs, he left, having learnt all that they could offer him (that being the Wonders Of The Intarwebs!) and struck out on his own. After picking his own up and dusting it off, he apologised for striking it and settled down into a career.

Chris is baffled as to why Kit has not yet realised how much better she could do in a mate and run off screaming. He Loves her Very Much.